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This section contains items for sale or wanted by ABC members or Bugatti enthusiasts around the country. Please contact the individual directly. The American Bugatti Club is not responsible for inaccurate descriptions, claims made by the advertisers or the condition of any item listed.

Repaired original numbered water pump from the engine last known to be fitted to Type 35B with chassis 4814. No tap or greaser tower. New spindle/boiler string gland, damaged body welded. Will exchange for an original Type 37A water pump in comparable condition. Water pump currently in South Australia. Contact

Type 44 Parts
Alex Stock has a collection of 1928 Bugatti Type 44 parts available. He lives in the UK and if you are interested, contact him at Clubsport GB -

1 Ettore Bugatti build ID plate.
1 Brevit plate.
1 Gangloff coach builders plate.
1 Bulkhead/firewall.
2 bulkhead castings left and right side.
1 Bulkhead top support bracket.
1 Brake pedal assembly.
1 Clutch pedal assembly.
1 Accelerator pedal assembly.
2 Handbrake and padal assembly Cross tubes.
4 Brass end cast bairings for pedal and Handbrake Assemblies.
2 Front spring Trunion castings to chassis.
2 Front spring Trunion castings top caps.
2 nickel plated side mirrors.
2 Main Marchal headlight and wing stays
from chassis left and right side.
2 Main Marchal headlights.
4 Front lower Marchal monocle headlights.
2 Marchal rear number plate lights.
2 Scintilla rear lights.
1 Marchal spare bulb box.
1 Ash dashboard panel.
1 Gauge and instrument pressing.
1 Jeager clock.
1 Amp meter.
1 Horn switch. Bosch.
1 Jeager ignition switch and key.
1 Dash mounted steering colum casting.
1 " - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -' rubber flexi guide.
1 Steering colum.
1 Touring steering wheel.
1 Steering wheel boss.
1 Steering Touring steering box.
1 Steering flexi joint.
2 Steering flexi couplings to colum and box.
1 Steering colum insert to flexi coupling.
8 Steering colum flexi joint segments with bolts and nuts.
2 Rear main spring to chassis casting bolts and nuts.
1 Gearbox case numbered 154.
1 Handbrake casting for cross tube from gearbox.
1 Torque arm bracket to gearbox.
2 Torque arm flexi couplings. Nuts and bolts.
1 gearbox cross shaft for gears.
1 Handbrake gear casting.
2 Handbrake bevel gears.
1 Marchal-Vaucanson stop switch.
1 Hardy flexi to prop shaft.
2 Brass Ettore Bugatti badges for rear of the chassis.
1 C. T Weymann "L" exhauster, number D57.
2 Fuse box holders.
1 Coil.
4 fragments of original Gangloff onder body frame.
1 Bag of bulkhead fixing screws, bolts, clamps.
1 Fuel filter.
1 Bosch horn and clamp UK 12 B.
2 Cast sparkplug spare holder to bulkhead.
1 Jeager kilometers speedo.
1 Jeager MPH speedo.
1 Fuel tank.
1 Fuel tank cap.
1 advance lever plus brass ball end.
1 Retard lever plus brass ball end.
8 Full set of brake shoe cams.
6 Brake cast finned drums, 2 spare.
1 Rear Differential case.
2 Differential case filler and drain plug.
1 Left aft shaft.
1 Right aft shaft.
1 Left Differential trumpet and bracket.
1 Right Differential trumpet and bracket.
1 Left brake shoe plate.
1 Right brake shoe plate.
1 Differential crown gear. Matched.
1 Differential pinion gear. Matched.
1 Exhaust system from headers to rear silencer.
1 Rear Differential cross brace to brake plate ends.
1 Bugatti owners badge.
1 Bugatti Badge.
1 GP steering arm.
Alec Stock